Article: Reconnecting After Domestic Violence

Romantic relationships (and other relationships) have been different after dealing with the emotional/verbal abuse in my marriage. While my ex never hit me, he was violent to my surroundings.

Those interactions leave scars, and I found this an interesting article regarding relationships post abuse. What are the fears we hold onto? Why do we find some things more difficult than others? I found this a helpful/useful article.

“Domestic violence can affect individuals in various ways. The physical wounds may include everything from bruises to broken bones. Social consequences may leave one feeling isolated from family and friends. Economic consequences can lead to loss of employment or financial instability. Then there are the “unseen” consequences of domestic violence which may last a long time. These include the emotional effects such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, and re-experiencing an overwhelming sense of fear. All these mentioned could result in something known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can plague someone for years to come.” – Reconnecting After Domestic Violence


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