The wanderer, the warrior, the wizard

I asked in a recent post how others coped and dealt with their own struggles in their lives. What steps did they take? What was the process? Where are they at? Havoc over at ‘The Warrior’s Guide’ responded with this powerful post:

The Warrior's Guide

Wanderer warrior wizzard

Problems… we all have problems. Some little, like the pebble in your shoe. Some big, like a sword hanging over your head, or crosshairs resting on your heart. In my life I had loads of problems of the epic kind. The kind that either eats you whole, or turns you into a magnificent conquer.

One method of problem solving stood out over the years of consternation:

For those not familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming (or NLP for short), it is the art of literally re-wiring the way you think to solve problems quickly and effectively. One of the strategies NLP developed stuck to me. Here follows a very powerful model of solving problems and tracking progress of healing.

The six modes of problem solving

We all go through our problems in six steps, usually in this exact order. Allow me to explain: In this metaphor, the problem is a dragon…

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