Sisterhood of the World Bloggers



Thankyou to Anna Levenson @ Self Actualized Events for nominating me! The goal is to build up our fellow female bloggers, and nominate a few of those who have inspired you. If you write your own post in response to my nomination, please reply to this one with a link so I don’t miss it!

And without further ado…

Why do you blog?

The written word has always been an important part of how I process and understand the world around me. It began as early as the age of seven, with my first (rather trite) basic rhyming poem, and has followed me through years of hand-written journals and fantastical, mostly unfinished, stories. I blog because it gives me a voice, even when I struggle to speak up in my day to day life. Writing gives me a chance to see and consider my words, in a way that speaking, even conversationally, does not.

Do you hope to accomplish something with blogging or do you just enjoy it?

Being a survivor of domestic violence, my hopes for my blog are multi-fold. First, as I mentioned before, writing is how I process. It helps me to integrate my experiences, choices and thoughts in ways that help me to verbalize and enact change. If I want to be able to talk to someone about something, there is a fair chance that I will find a way to write about it first. Blogging helps me solidify and make real a part of my healing process, and helps me focus on my journey towards being a more authentic person.

Secondly, I have a story. It is similar to other survivors, but unique to me, as all our stories are. I write so that others who might be in a similar situation, know that they are not alone. I write and try to share some of my struggles and frustrations and hard moments (even if I put a positive spin/find silver linings) because there is a lot of information about leaving. And a lot of information about what you should do. But there are not a lot of blogs that follow, consistently, the healing process.

Thirdly, I hope by speaking up, it will help whittle away at society’s fear of speaking about the difficult things in life, like abuse, anxiety, depression, mental illness, medication and the wonderful things that counselors/therapists can help you accomplish.

Where do you live?

As this is an anonymous blog, I will say only that I live between the ocean and the mountains, a little place of heaven and a city I hope to never be far from. I choose to write anonymously for a few reasons, firstly, I think being able to speak freely without fear of familiar people finding this blog helps me to be more genuine. Secondly, my ex was always triggered by any public reference to any of his issues. This preserves both our identities, and my safety. I am not entirely sure if I will ever relate this blog to my real identity for those reasons.

What are a few of your top books?

Of books, a few of my favorites are Dragonsinger (McCaffrey), The Hero and the Crown (McKinley), Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Wrede), and The Deed of Paksennarion (Moon). Yet there are also a plethora of authors who I read and enjoy almost anything they write. The three mentioned above, but also Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Susanna Kearsley, etc. Historical fiction is also a huge draw for me, understanding the people and cultures of the past is both fascinating, and helps inform my more creative/fantastical writing.

How about movies? What are your favorites?

Princess Bride, The Goonies, Pride and Prejudice (Firth version), The King’s Speech, Star Wars, Message in a Bottle…

What could you not live without?

My family. Having gradually found myself isolated from them over the past decade, I don’t ever want to lose them in that way again. I feel lucky that I get a second chance to rebuild those relationships.

How would you hope to be described?

Here in this blog I am fairly forthright and striving to be more authentic. I would hope people in the world outside the internet can begin seeing those things in me too.

What is your soapbox? That one issue that always puts you right up there?

Domestic violence, abuse, mental illness and the responsibility we all have to work on our own issues. I am a strong believer that we can’t always control what does or does not happen to us in life, but we can work hard to handle those things better, and make healthier choices. Life is a journey, and if we try to live each day just a little better than the last, over years that can only take us great places.

Where would you like to retire?

Somewhere I can still have a few adventures; that has all four seasons, and mountains and water in close supply. Not too far from family, but not necessarily too close either!

What do you do for work/day job/ etc?

Because of my situation, I’ll decline to answer this one for now. Some day, however, I would like to put my creative talents and writing practice to the test and see if I can publish a novel. I have a few irons in the fire, but have to take care of the practical things for now.

Now for the nominations (no particular order. Okay, I lied. I had to alphabetize..):

A Life Worth Living For

Authentically Aurora

Juni Desireé

Lovely Wounded Lady



Questions for everyone to answer:

  1. What initially brought you to our blogosphere?
  2. Do you hope to accomplish something with blogging or is it merely personal?
  3. Where do you come up with your various blog posts? Do you plan, base them on recent events, etc.?
  4. What do you like most about where you live?
  5. Whether it be books, movies, art, music or other mediums, what creative things inspire you?
  6. What could you not live without?
  7. I recently challenged someone to write 50 reasons they were awesome, and they challenged me back (so I wrote myself a love letter for Valentine’s day). If you were to write a short list or a paragraph in that vein, what would you say to yourself?
  8. For good or bad, what are some of the beliefs you hold about the world? Do you consider yourself a pessimist, an optimist, a realist?
  9. Do you enjoy other creative endeavors besides writing?
  10. Do you advertise your blog to those in your personal lives? Prefer to keep it separate? Maybe tell us more about your desired audience and if your writing is influenced by your readers/potential readers.

Looking forward to hearing from you lovely ladies and support your fellow bloggers!



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