Love Letter to Me

An article I read recently, while sitting in my therapist’s waiting room, mentioned that it takes 5 positives to offset a negative. Apparently our brains our wired to process negativity, perhaps as a coping mechanism, perhaps as a stimulus to change or avoid the things that cause negativity. I recently read a post by Hurricane Heather, where she openly shared a list of those negative things she struggles with and feels vulnerable about. I could relate to so many of those items, but challenged her to write a similar list describing the awesome things about herself. And she did, and challenged me right back. Follow up to Letter’s I will never send (but already sort of did): Dear J. Response: Dear Heather.

Heather? Challenge accepted.

So here goes – in letter form. A love letter to myself, because if we can’t love ourselves, how are we going to be able to love others?

Not normally my kind of music, but this Fifth Harmony song, “Brave, Honest, Beautiful” is pretty inspiring.

My challenge to you? 50 things that make you you, and make you awesome, OR a love letter to yourself. If you accept, please post here and link your article so I don’t miss it. 🙂

Dear M.,

You know what? You’re pretty damn amazing. No matter how many times life knocks you down, you grit your teeth, press knuckles to the earth, and clamber back up to your feet. The hands there to help you? They are there because you loved them, offered a hand up when they needed it, or a listening ear, or a gift card for groceries. You love deeply. You love practically, when you see a physical need. You never asked for anything in return, never realizing you were investing in those who would one day carry you. “You can never repay those who have helped you, so help whoever God puts in your path”has been your mantra for so long, you believed it. But the people in your life have proved you wrong a hundred-fold, and you’ve realized that it is okay to be wrong sometimes. Those people are there for you, because they see the awesome things that you find difficult sometimes. You’re worth loving. Believe them.

This past year feels like the fires of hell have been licking at your feet with each step. You could have griped, showered social media with drama, given in to bitterness and anger and spewed vitriol. No one would have blamed you, and some even expressed confusion that you didn’t. But integrity matters to you. Honesty. Fairness. You didn’t let someone else’s demons pull you under, though you skirted the line once or twice. You found a way to share your experiences in a matter of fact way, to empower others and not tear down. You kept the focus on you, and your opportunities for growing. You were afraid of judgment. Of being called a liar. But by living life on your terms, being as authentic as you can, that didn’t happen. You have better taste in friends than you realized. The voices in support of you are so strong, so stalwart, that it speaks to the strength of your character and how you convey yourself.

You are stronger than you thought. Braver than you believed. More capable than you ever credited.

Your journey isn’t over, it is just beginning. And you are enough. You’re not too much. You’re not too little. You don’t have to be perfect… just perfectly you. I know you are still figuring out who that is right now, and that is all a part of that great adventure called life. The answers will come with time, so long as you keep reaching, keep striving.

I want to say, don’t give up. But I know you. You won’t. And you know what? That’s pretty badass, if I don’t say so myself.

Love you.


P.S. Thankyou Heather, for inspiring me!


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