After Trauma can you be who you were before?

If you are recovering from abuse, this is an excellent article to encourage you. At least, it encouraged me.

Freedom Within: My Journey through Domestic Violence & PTSD

woman-wondering-750   Lately I have been pretty hard on myself.  I have been looking back on my journey of healing from my abusive marriage and I have been pretty harsh with myself.  Some of the things I have said to myself are; “Why aren’t you better yet?”, “Why don’t you act like you used too?”, “What is wrong with you?” I have to admit I have not been my own best friend. Nor was I being very fair to myself. After breaking down and shedding many tears it dawned on me, how could I be who I was before I married my ex?  Who I was before had not been abused by her husband for 15 years. Who I was before had not been hit, pushed and endlessly screamed at. All by a man she trusted. A man she had committed her life to in front of God, her friends and family.  I realized how…

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