Why didn’t/don’t you leave?

This isn’t meant to point fingers. To blame.

I’ve shared some of the reasons I hung on to my marriage and abusive relationship, because it felt like this was a question I came across a lot. Everyone’s response is often to say, “Don’t ask that! It’s inappropriate!”

Yet my mind doesn’t work that way. I don’t want questions to be off limits in my life. They should be an exploration, before which we have no fear. Questions lead to honesty, to communication, and they break down the barriers of isolation. Asking makes us examine things, sometimes painful things.

But maybe – the reasons why you didn’t leave might resonate with someone else. Maybe the reason’s you still haven’t left are because you haven’t figured out if that is the best thing for you yet.

We all have different reasons. Would you share yours with me? There is really no right or wrong answer here, merely a desire to understand better. To help those who ask that question, and are genuinely curious, understand better.


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