Walking on the Ice / Living in Domestic Abuse

Forget walking on eggshells, an abuse relationship is much more like walking on ICE. So very, very true.


I slipped on the ice today.  Not to worry, I did not injure anything. I was walking to my car. My feet started sliding on the ice and I could not rebalance myself. I could not step forward or backward, so I tried to stay still.

My feet were still sliding and I knew I was going to end up on the ground. There was nothing I could do but keep sliding until I ended up on the ice.

You have all heard the phrase “walking on eggshells.”  People will say, “He is so easy to anger that speaking to him is like walking on eggshells.”

So, you have the image of trying to walk across a floor, covering with egg shells and no matter how gently you walk, you are going to crush the shells.”

Living with someone who is abusive, is not so much like walking on eggshells…

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