No Act is Too Small to Make a Difference – Helping Victims and Survivors of Abuse

This is a fantastic post on ways to help those struggling with Domestic Violence Victims and Survivors.

Picking Up the Pieces

Many people who see the struggles and horrors victims and survivors of abuse endure and want to help but are often times overwhelmed by the scope of need.  Perhaps some mistakenly feel that even the small things they could do would not make enough of a difference in our lives.  The truth is, there are so many needs that must be met, so many varying circumstances even all the similarities in our stories, that anything you do helps, whether it carries financial benefit or not.  Here are suggestions of things you can do as “just one person” that can have profound impact on our lives.

Financial – If you have the means to provide any sort of financial assistance, here are things you, as one person, can do:

  • Donate money to domestic violence services by setting aside a small portion of your tax refund, inheritance, or bonus.
  • Donate old vehicles.
  • Donate…

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